Application Hosting

We offer a number of hosting options for Web-based and desktop-based applications. For projects involving server-side components including databases, Web servers, application servers, email/SMTP servers, or messaging systems our engineers can provision and setup Linux or Windows-based virtual private servers on a variety of cloud platforms or you choice.

In addition to supporting virtually any cloud-based solution, we recommend the following options:

Largest application hosting cloud. Offers multiple data centers (availability zones) across the world with virtually infinite computing resources. It’s suffice to say that entire Netflix streaming service, which consumes upwards of 1/3 of all Internet traffic in the US on weekday night runs on Amazon. And that’s not excluding 1000’s of other companies running their entire software infrastructures on Amazon Web Services cloud.

Linode offers low-cost Linux servers. This is a more economic option for long-running applications, at the same time offering extremely reliable servers and top-notch technical support.

Desktop Applications

For Desktop applications we offer a couple of options for distribution and installation:

  • Java Web Start. A central web server hosting the latest version of your application. In order to get it installed on a user’s computer all the user has to do is click a web page link – the application will automatically be downloaded and installed on the user’s computer and will run as a regular desktop application. An additional benefit of this method is if a newer version of the application is uploaded on the server – it will be automatically updated on users’ computers the next time they start the application.
  • Custom installation scripts. Our engineers provide custom installation shell scripts for Linux, Max, or Windows environments.
  • Installation packages – Windows or Linux. We can deliver applications packaged as a Windows executable file or a Linux dpkg (apt-get) or a Red Hat / CentOS / Fedora RPM package.