Quality Guarantee

Mercurion Technologies is a professional software development and consulting company. We take pride in quality of our solutions. We especially value satisfaction of our clients and understand that the only way to guarantee their repeat business is to ensure that they are completely satisfied not only with the quality of software we develop, but with the entire experience of working with our team.

Our developers have extensive experince with a wide range of technologies. If a needed arises – we do not hesitate to bring in additional constulants with expertise in specific areas such as machine learning, accounting, graphics design, etc…

We guarantee that all projects that we take on will be completed and delivered to our clients at a pre-determined fixed cost. If we underestimate the project cost – we guarantee that the software will still be delivered and meet all of client’s requirements and we take the hit.

We understand that in consulting business reputation is what matters the most. To our clients we guarantee that our team will deliver a high quality solution that meets all documented requirements, or we will refund all money charged for the project back to the client.